I’m a Melbourne-based maker of handbuilt ceramics. My botanical designs are inspired by nature, my imagination, and a lifelong attraction to folk art and pattern. I work from a tiny pottery studio where I embrace simplicity, creating each unique piece with minimal tools and a lot of love and patience.

View a gallery of my work and if you’re interested in taking something home, please click through to my Facebook shop.

My blog explores themes that underpin my life and work:

  • curiosity: I have a powerful need to learn and explore new ideas, and to help others do the same. This drives my love of travel and my work in libraries and publishing.
  • creativity: Creativity is core to my life, coming through in my art, my garden and my family life.
  • connection with nature: I’m fascinated with how people and plants come together through art, gardens, wild places and thoughtful urban design.

I’d love to hear from you! Best ways to get in touch are via harlinahteoh@yahoo.com, Instagram or Facebook