Sketching at the Linda Jackson exhibition

Back in June, Ling (my 9-year-old daughter) and I went to Federation Square for the opening of the Melbourne Jazz Festival, to take part in a public singing session with Katie Noonan and  bunch of other wonderful singers and musicians.

Afterwards we took our sketchbooks into the Ian Potter Centre (National Gallery of Victoria’s Australia collection) and visited the Linda Jackson exhibition. Ling is a little fashionista and loves fashion exhibitions (she didn’t get the fashionista bit from me, though I do like costume design. I went to a Picasso exhibition in London and my favourite works were his designs for ballet costumes.) The Linda Jackson outfits were fantastic.

Linda Jackson exhibitionLinda Jackson exhibition

We had a great time sitting on the floor and sketching outfits that appealed to us. Here are two of mine, and three of Ling’s, which I think are wonderful!

The black-and-white sketches are of course missing a vital element, so I’ll finish with an appropriate blaze of colour: Linda Jackson and Jenny Kee in all their fabulousness.

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