Schools of fish and ships

I’m a little bit obsessed with patterns. I was a geeky and creative kid, interested in both maths and art. I still like logic puzzles, patchwork, granny square rugs, geometric shapes in nature (bubbles, shells, leaf whorls, snowflakes…), Islamic tiles, Indian henna designs and Japanese paper.

These paintings by Adam Lester appealed to me (pictures from Jan Murphy GalleryAbsolutely Beautiful Things and Pencil and Pipette).
His paintings of related objects remind me of illustrated natural history field guides, which I spent hours poring over as a kid. Fish and shells were my favourites.

(From Swainston’s fishes of Australia: the complete illustrated guide, via Andrew Isles Natural History Books).


(From Cone shells of the world by Marsh and Rippingale)

(From Sea shells of the world by A. Gordon Melville)

I indulge my pattern-mania on Pinterest… come and visit me there!

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