Autumn abundance/chaos

With all this gallivanting off overseas, my garden has had to fend for itself for a while. I have come back to find the front garden in full late-autumn sprawl; the weeds green and luxurious, salvia and plumbago flopping across half the garden, and pretty much everything in need of a good cut back.


The backyard is looking a little more civilised. I’m thrilled with the Virginia creeper Boston ivy (edit: I thought it was Virginia creeper, but no! Boston ivy) that in the past year has just about covered the wall (I wrote about it last May, here). Give it another year and it will be a solid wall of leaves.


2 thoughts on “Autumn abundance/chaos

  1. Hi Sue, so great to hear from you, and thank you for the lovely compliment about the garden! We would LOVE to have you down for a visit (plenty of space to stay if you feel like it) and I think we must also be due for a visit to Woodend. Looking forward to hearing what you’ve been up to and getting our rapidly-growing-up kids together. H xxx


  2. Harley, the one thing I really miss (now I can fully appreciate it!!) from the city is your beautiful garden that I used to glance over at from my embarrassingly-barren suburban backyard! These pics are amazing. Would love to come and visit you guys soon, have been thinking about you of late. The trip to the UK sounds amazing too. XX Sue in Woodend


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