Favourite London moments (so far)

Fun times during my first five days in London:

– At Westminster Abbey, a blue hedgehog sculpture on the tomb of a woman who died in 1596. Why a hedgehog? Why blue? Don’t know. Loved it.

– Music, music everywhere. Alone in the crypt of St Bride’s in Fleet Street (stumbled across when I took yet another wrong turn) with an organist rehearsing the world’s most melodramatic music above my head. Thai pianist Prach Boondiskulchok playing Bartok and Schubert at St Martin-in-the-fields. The City Chamber Choir rehearsing Monteverdi’s Vespers at St Paul’s Church in Covent Gardens. G&T, 1920s jazz and Hay Fever at the Noel Coward Theatre. Belting high notes at Wicked. Buskers – gypsy guitars, bagpipes, and a vintage mobile piano (not all at the same time… though I’d like to see that).

– The British Museum with my cousin David. Five hours of one extraordinary object after another. 13,000 year old wolverine pendant. Elegant Roman jewellery and delicate tools from 2nd century Britain – turns out I really, really like these. Ukiyo-e prints by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi – I had forgotten how much I like these. A huge jade turtle discovered at the bottom of an Indian fountain. We didn’t even get to the blockbuster items (Parthenon marbles, Rosetta stone…). I’ll have to go back.

– Roast chicken, beer and “Yorkshire biscuits” with Mahesh and Sara, my friends from Singapore days. Introducing our 11-year-old boys in London and Melbourne via Minecraft and Skype.

Favourite photos:


In Trafalgar Square, outside the National Gallery.


I was taking a photo of the squirrel in St James Park for my kids (we don’t have squirrels in Australia) when the girl walked into shot. Oh, please, could we make it a little more British?


Battersea power station, through the train window. I find this building quite scary. What I love about the photo is the reflections of the other passengers, which you can see if you look closely – a woman with eyes closed, a couple, and a standing man holding a baby.