Boston Ivy

A quick post on the glorious Boston ivy I planted late last year, which is growing up the wall in my back garden.

The southern edge of my garden is abutted by my neighbour’s brick garage, leaving me with a blank wall that I actually don’t mind – it gives privacy and a sense of enclosure. You can see the wall in this post. However, I regret running the paving right up to the wall. I now know that I will try to soften every possible edge with plants, so this long plantless stretch has felt very barren for the past 7 years.

One day it got too much for me and in a burst of energy, I chipped out the row of paving along the wall, leaving a narrow planting strip. I put in three Boston ivy plants interspersed with dianella (flax lilies) – the lilies split from a single plant (I must have been feeling frugal).

With the mild summer and lots of rain, the ivy has taken off, and I’m looking forward to the wall becoming a lush vision in green. Or deep red, at this time of year.

Update on the Boston ivy…

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