Catching up with some pruning, a season too late

Normally I do my big annual cut-back in May or June. Somehow I didn’t quite get around to it this year… then before I knew it, it was August, spring was springing, and I had a bushy jungle in the front garden, with new shoots competing with last year’s leggy growth. (Similarly, I’ve spent the past 6 months taking photos and thinking about blogging, but somehow not quite getting round to it.)

Here’s the front garden in October. Lots of rain this winter. Lots of snails, and now lots of mozzies. But the plants are so, so happy…

Front garden with plants growing like crazy

Pull a few weeds here, trim a few shrubs there, and before you know it there’s a full green bin and you’re barricaded into the far end of the garden behind a mountain of offcuts.

Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’, cut back to the base where new growth was already coming up.

Tahitian lime.

New shoots of red climbing rose ‘Altissimo’. I don’t have many roses, but this is one of those plants I kept seeing in gardening magazines and going ‘wow’, and each time it was the same plant. So I thought I’d better get one. I’m attempting to grow it over my front porch.

Plumbago shoots
Plumbago. This has since gone berserk and taken over half the garden bed… I need to trim it back already.

New growth of Salvia ‘Indigo Spires’, among other things.

Verbena bonariensis, happily growing from two seedlings I salvaged from my friend’s path. They look kind of like Patterson’s curse but I really like them. Will take some photos of the flowers soon…

Salvia greggii ‘Alba’, a total champion in my garden. Blooms 9 months of the year, never wilts, always fresh green and white. Love it. Convolvulus cnoreum (Silverbush) is behind.

Fuzzy new growth of Buddleja davidii.