Pebble towers on Bruny Island

Earlier this year I visited Tasmania and spent a day with my family on Bruny Island. Bruny always amazes me because there is so much to see packed into a little island: surf beaches, quiet back beaches and coves, bush walks, views, a historic lighthouse, cheese factory, chocolate factory, boats, penguins, seals, dolphins, shells…

On a walking trail near Adventure Bay, we came across this fabulous piece of spontaneous art. The shore is lined with big, gorgeous smooth pebbles, and walkers can’t resist stacking them into towers. Adults and children become absorbed in finding the right stone and creating their own perfectly balanced sculpture. It’s personal and strangely communal, enduring and ephemeral – I just love it.

2 thoughts on “Pebble towers on Bruny Island

  1. Thanks Carolyn, great to hear from you! Yes, it’s a special place and all the more so because you come across it unawares and there’s this spontaneous wonderful thing happening. Thanks for posting the lovely feedback. H xx


  2. Hi Harli!!! What a wonderful blog!!!!! Your words, photos etc…. a lovely read!! Love the rock piles…a truly wonderful spontaneous sculpture….ever growing and changing…love the idea that those who visit and stack become co-creators… international work of art!!!!! Something incredibly peaceful just looking at the photos!! Thank you for taking the time to write and share. Cheers, Carolyn X


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