Autumn = pumpkins + fallen leaves

We were SO EXCITED to harvest a genuine, real life pumpkin which grew out of our buried vegetable scraps.

We gave up long ago on the compost bin – the typical black plastic bin of well-meaning suburban gardeners, which is a total pain to turn and never seems to result in compost. Now we just dig a hole, chuck in the food scraps, cover it over, and let it do its own thing. Works well (though digging is a bit more effort than putting something in a bin, and we have to remember not to leave it too long or we soon have vege scraps composting on the kitchen bench).

The pumpkin was gloriously fragrant and we made it into Moroccan spiced pasties, which the kids ate for school lunches for a week. Yum.

Meanwhile, the paulownia tree is shedding its leaves – an opportunity for the kids to earn a couple of dollars clearing them up.

4 thoughts on “Autumn = pumpkins + fallen leaves

  1. >Hi there – it's very waterwise. It puts down a tap root as deep as the tree is tall. We have very sandy soil and I very rarely put any extra water on it (maybe give it soak once or twice a year if we have very long dry spell). The rest of the time it just does its own thing – hasn't browned off or lost any leaves in the heat, despite 40 degree days and being in an exposed northwest position with lots of hot dry winds. But obviously it doesn't grow as fast if it's not getting plenty of water.


  2. >hi, I'm searching Sapphire Dragon tree and found ur blog.U tree looks v great and ur garden reno is wonderful. Will that tree suck up a lot of water? I want sth waterwise.Thanks v much nott


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