Botanical purchases… and I’m not talking about buying plants

I’m not much of a shopper-for-leisure (nurseries don’t count, right?), but when on holiday I do like a good market and op shop trawl.

I’ve just come back from Tasmania with a bit of a haul, and I’ve noticed a theme – I keep buying things with flowery, leafy designs.

Come to think of it, my wardrobe and house are full of botanical designs. Was this obvious to everyone but me? (Or maybe I just think everything looks botanical, regardless of the designer’s intentions.)

Here are some recent purchases…

Department store earrings (can’t remember the brand) and butterfly necklace from Salamanca Market.

Strings of seed-like beads from Flourish in South Hobart.

Floral dresses – mostly op-shop couture.

Now that I’ve noticed this trend, I see it’s not recent. See Exhibit A, the rest of my wardrobe. Hmm.

An assortment of chunky, flowery glass dishes from Salamanca, Bentleigh Market and the very excellent Resource Collectables in Hobart, which sells salvaged treasures from the local tip.

The flower-shaped bowl on the right is from Bentleigh Market. The one on the left, which is actually a lamp shade, has fantastic spiky sides like a huge cut-glass seedpod. The underside is gorgeous:

One thought on “Botanical purchases… and I’m not talking about buying plants

  1. >Wow that lamp shade is gorgeous!! What a find…And yes, it looks like you are attracted to flowers and botanical prints by the looks of the pics you posted! Must get to the Salamanca markets myself, looks fabulous!


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