New growth

One of the pleasures of going away for a few days (or weeks) is coming back to all the changes in the garden. Especially when it’s spring, and we’ve had some rain, and everything is budding and sprouting all over the place.

The lime tree is coming back to life!

Cistus - rock rose

Cistus (rock rose)

Corymbia ‘Summer Red’

Hebe with new purple growth

Pelargonium – the first buds after cutting this plant to the ground in winter. This was a cutting from my grandmother’s garden.

I keep meaning to cut back this climbing rose … that’s three winters I haven’t gotten round to it. Too late, it’s flowering now…

White climbing roses

Climbing rose

Smoke bush – Cotinus ‘Grace’

This is an Australian native – wish I could remember what it’s called. I first saw it at the Australian Gardens (Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne), and fell in love with the foliage – shiny dark green on top, fuzzy pure white on the reverse. I found it at Kuranga Native Nursery. It’s supposed to grow to 1.5m but right now it’s a little thing, about 50cm high.

I’m really exciting about this scrappy looking baby – it’s Verbena bonariensis. I salvaged a couple of tiny self-seeded plants from my friend’s garden path and hopefully they’ll shoot up into tall, tough but airy things with clusters of tiny purple flowers. I think they look great sticking up in a mixed bed; here’s hoping they’ll cope with the afternoon shade in my front garden.

Resurrection of the Boston Ivy after been chargrilled in 46 degree heat in January.

Pink pelargonium

Another pelargonium, this one swiped from a local front fence…

Pelargonium and lavender

..and here it is with succulents and a French lavender going berserk.

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