‘Tis the season for brutal pruning

Well, I finally got my front path sorted, having managed to find some gravel:

A few weeks back, I loaded up the green bins after doing the Big Cut-Back. The garden is looking pretty gappy, and I’m looking forward to the new spring growth.

I’m also dealing with an unfortunate victim of the past summer – the Luma apiculata (also known as Myrtus luma) that forms a hedge down the side of the house. I tried lillypillies here, but they didn’t stand up to the psyllid attacks, despite being a supposedly resistant variety.

The Lumas are a South American plant related to the lilly pilly. They grow fast and have nice, dense green growth. At least, they do when it’s not 46 degrees Celcius. My poor plants are not happy campers; I thought they might grow back over winter, but some of them are dead, dead, dead, and the rest are looking pretty spindly, despite new growth appearing at the edges. The weeds and rampant violets (which I removed a few months back) are coming on beautifully though.

Stay tuned for photos of the entire hedge chopped back to the bare bones. I hope that in a few months, I’ll be able to report a miraculous recovery. In the meantime, it’s looking pretty tragic.

Update on the front garden…