My olowne day

The wind picked up last night and stripped the paulownia of most if its leaves. Lots of big, crunchy brown leaves underfoot; the air strangely mild and muggy. Less than a week till winter.

Although the paulownia is spectacular in flower and lush during summer, I do enjoy its winter sillhouette against a grey sky. Next year’s flowers form fuzzy buds in autumn, then stand dormant all winter alongside last year’s seedpods.

It’s one of those still, dim days that never seem to get started before it’s dusk already. Tuesday to Friday are work days for me, Saturday and Sunday are family days; Monday is the nearest thing I have to a day off. There are plenty of things to do (like the laundry, and bagging stuff up for the op-shop after a kids-room cleanout yesterday, and trying to buy gravel for the path…which turns out to be harder than I thought here in $15-a-bag river pebble land). But I relish the solitude.

My daughter understands the value of solitude already … here’s monkey enjoying a bit of olowne time with a hammock, a book and a coconut drink.

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  1. >I thought I posted a comment, but perhaps it didn’t work, coz it isn’t here now…Well, I wanted to say that it is quite clear whose daughter Ling is… :)xxMariam


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