Leaves, trees, dragons and hearts

After six years of sharing with his sister, my 8-year old son has moved into his own room. It used to be our guest room – and still is when we have rellies in town – but now it’s decorated 8-year-old boy style. The key design specification – Kermit-green paint. Not satisfied with a wall of flat paint, I went into a bit of a frenzy and stayed up half the night painting this:

The room’s occupant being a Golden Dragon under the Chinese zodiac and having a special affinity with these magical beasts (he summons them in his sleep when he has bad dreams), I painted a little golden dragon to watch over him. He loves it; the guests just have to live with it.

Our 6-year-old girl stayed in the original shared bedroom, and it was only fair that her space got something special too. When the kids were babies, I painted a tree on the wall using leftover sample pots:

She was very specific about how her ‘new’ room should look. THIS shade of blue on the wall. THIS shade of pink hearts. NO other colours. NO shading. Variation in size of hearts is acceptable. This is what she wanted:

Sweet dreams for two happy customers, I hope.