No more green shag pile

After the welcome autumn rain (and removal of the old weed mat due to an invasion of runner grass), my front path looked like a leafy flokati rug.

This week, my mission is to restore it to a vision in white gravel. I don’t like using herbicide – who knows what else I’ll kill off in the process – so it was all hands on deck on Sunday to weed, scoop off the gravel and seive it to shake out the dirt, then a trip to Bunnings for more weed mat and finally replacing the gravel. A big THANK YOU to my husband – that’s his share of gardening for the next year. And the kids were actually useful – go child labour – though my son was kind of disappointed not to find a gold nugget after all that panning. I’ll top up the gravel next weekend, then the path should be back to its old self.

Update: “I’ll do it next weekend” – ha! It got done eventually.