Regrowth (and weeds) in the front garden

Years of drought, then not a drop of rain in January. The temperatures soared into the 40s day after day; fires razed the bush and took hundreds of lives.

In March, it rained. Rebuilding will take years, but the bush is growing back. In the burbs, gardens that were crisp and brown a couple of months back are now choked with weeds (filling the gaps left by dead plants).

Plants doing well in my garden now:

  • plumbago
  • succulents (especially the blue chalk sticks, jade plants and grey cotyledons – but even they were wilting in January)
  • salvias (‘Waverley’ and ‘Indigo Spires in full autumn glory)
  • grevilleas (‘Moonlight’ and ‘Superb’)

I cut back the pleasingly unfashionable but chargrilled pelargoniums and daisies to the ground; let’s see what reshoots!

I’ve also whacked in a few new plants:

  • red kangaroo paws
  • pink and purple fountain grasses (I’ve tried to grow the pink ones a couple of times and they just sit there – but I’ve seen them looking gorgeous in this area so I’m trying again)
  • seedlings of Verbena bonariensis salvaged from my friend Suzanne’s garden path
  • Euphorbia characias wulfenii
  • a compact, bright-green lomandra

The path is a total mess; I removed the weedmat because wiry running grass was building up underneath and breaking through, and now there are so many grass seedlings, I might as well call it a lawn. Time to dig it up and start again.

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